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  1. Return

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    2010/06/12 by MarkInPDX

    I realized I haven’t touched this site in months. A LOT of crazy stuff has happened to me, and to …
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  2. Inspiration and Ambitions for the New Year

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    2010/01/10 by MarkInPDX

    This is the the place I throw out all the racing thoughts in my head. Maybe someday, someone will stumble across it and learn something. God knows I’m learning.

  3. Podcasts, Part 2

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    2009/12/22 by MarkInPDX

    It occurred to me I should share and promote all the programs I enjoy, so the folks that create and …
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  4. They Can’t Hold a Good Man Down


    2009/11/10 by MarkInPDX

    You know how when you bring a date home and you go to the bathroom and when you get out, your parents are showing them your potting training and bath time pictures? You hated them for that. So now I am that parent — sort of.