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2011/07/26 by MarkInPDX

It’s been awhile, maybe a year? since I’ve been active on this blog. A lot has happened. I’ve been back in school at Portland Community College since last September. My daughter was born in March, right when the spring term began. I did really well in all my classes except for math, I’ll be retaking that this fall, no biggie.
My wife wants to finish her bachelors degree at Portland State, so I’ll be taking a break for about a year to work full-time while she does that. I’m not really looking forward to it since I’ll have to defer loans, hopefully it’ll be worth it. Ugh. Why can’t life be easy?
Being back in college has really helped me cope. I needed a direction. I was stalled in life. I decided last year I would be a teacher. I came to that decision after an interview I had at an insurance company. I learned it takes a big down payment to start up and a few years to really become successful. I was prepared to do it for the sake of my son, but my heart wasn’t in it. I thought about it all night: if I had to spend time and money to learn how to swindle money out of people to earn a living, why the hell was I doing that when I should have been doing what I wanted to do all along – help people? Not that being an insurance salesperson isn’t a good or even honorable job, it may very well be, I’m just not cut out for that line of work. I’m too compassionate enjoy working on commission, to meet a quota. Too much pressure. Some people love that, I don’t.
That night, I had a waking dream, maybe a vision, of myself back in high school, when I was in the band practicing. I saw myself as the band teacher, conducting. I realized I was happy and was contributing to society in a healthy way. That’s when I decided to go back to school full-time and really pursue my new dream.
My wife is brilliant, but due to a lot of crazy factors like her dad dying last year and other huge stressors, she quit school to look for a full-time job. Since I’ve been doing this, she has started getting excited about going back herself. It feels good to know I’ve inspired her. That’s why I want to be a teacher. I want to inspire people.

And now for something completely different:


MarkInPDX’ Flying Playlist!

Today’s playlist is made up entirely of Depeche Mode songs from 1983 to 2009. I like to call this one “strangeLOVE.” When you click on a song it should open a new tab.

01 Strangelove from Music for the Masses

02 Two Minute Warning from Construction Time Again

03 It’s No Good from Ultra

04 Policy of Truth from Violator

05 In Your Room from Songs of Faith and Devotion

06 Blasphemous Rumours from Some Great Reward

07 A Question of Lust from Black Celebration

08 Everything Counts from Construction Time Again

09 Oh Well (Black Light Odyssey Dub) from the Wrong single
Sorry for the boring video. It came down to finding the closest sounding version (since there are many), versus something like the wrong mix.

10 I Feel You from Songs of Faith and Devotion

11 Halo from Violator
Sorry for the ad. I tried to avoid them, but I prefer the ‘official’ version of the videos for ultimate clarity.

12 Stripped from Black Celebration

13 In Chains from Sounds of the Universe
Again, sorry for the boring vid. The music is what counts kids. Feel free to skip until 1:05.

14 Mercy in You from Songs of Faith and Devotion

15 Precious from Playing the Angel
Damn ads! This was the song that got me into DM. I heard it when I was working at Fred Meyer in Wenatchee, in the Photo-Electronics dept. Great song.

16 Clean from Violator

There you go. Hope you enjoyed it 🙂


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