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2010/11/13 by MarkInPDX

When I get depressed I tend to withdraw and turn in on myself, I usually don’t like talking about it. I saw my best friend from Wenatchee a few weeks ago on my 25th birthday. He drove down with his wife from Bellingham to see me. It was really nice to see him again. He asked me why I hadn’t been keeping this up – the truth was I almost forgotten that I had a blog. So much has been going on lately. I’ve been pretty depressed for the past three or four months and the prospect of keeping this up regularly was unappealing for a long time.

Just to catch you up…

Back in the end of July, my wife got accepted into PSU’s Social Work Master’s program. She was really excited and we drove downtown to drop off the essential paperwork. On the way back home, we got hit by another car at the intersection of 1st and Market. We were all okay, but our car was totaled. This is where the stress got kicked into high gear.

In early August, we had a family reunion to attend in Wisconsin, followed directly by my best friend’s wedding in Bellingham. What should have been awesome fun times were really just pressure cookers on the home front. We didn’t have a lot of money because we lost our car and I couldn’t afford to take Strattera anymore, so I just stopped taking it and the Celexa. At the time it was no big deal, but it definitely had consequences later on. Eventually we got another car.

Months ago, back in April maybe, my wife had applied for a job at a local non-profit. Fast forward to mid-August, she was finally hired through a temp agency for that position since the requirements for the job had changed significantly. It’s a full time job. She had to quit the MSW program, I wasn’t very happy about that. My wife is the kind of girl who takes on WAAAAAY too many projects, then wonders why she’s so stressed out. Did I mention she’s about five months pregnant?

In September I started going back to college at PCC Sylvania full time. It was great to be learning, but since I had registered a little later than I was supposed to I didn’t receive my financial aid until mid-October. I finally got back on Strattera, which was good. It became a lot easier to pay attention in class and remember to do my assignments.

Fast forward to today. Friday, November 12. Blerg. Still stressed out. I could be specific but I don’t think that’s a wise idea at the moment. Just holding on by the skin of my teeth these days. Some days are better than others.


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