Grape Nuts

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2010/06/11 by MarkInPDX

When I was a kid in Wenatchee, my sister used to eat Grape Nuts, this disgusting bran cereal. She ate cheese and crackers as a snack.
She ate weird shit. Now she’s a vegan. Go figure.
I don’t know what that was about; but I realized I have this blog and haven’t used it FOREVER and should probably post something here. A lot of shit has happened since I was last here. I sort of lost interest but I decided to update this since I’m a little drunk on Steel Reserve. I’m pretty fucking miserable, that’s the bottom line. So much shit is happening to me I don’t even want to go into it.
I was listening to Cort and Fatboy and they referenced Grape Nuts, and since I’m drunk I decided to blog – go figure.


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